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Janaína Moraes began to invite artists, since 2013, to think about waiting. The openwork Sala de Espera has already gone through several RA's in Brasília-DF, and also in Guarapuava-PR, Viçosa-MG and Perth-WA, counting on more than five editions among which it received more than 12 artists throughout its history.


The question that surrounds the creation process of so many encounters is: How do we relate and interest together, from our formation, life history, memories and ways of seeing / thinking / making the world?


Created in 2013, Waiting Room was conceived in a moment in which the dancer began to embark on the path of choreographic composition, proposing to look at contemporary dance from a relation of research, sewing and exercise of the sensitive, questioning behaviors, bureaucracies, and social rules that permeate relationships.


From a solo show of 15 minutes, proposed by the choreographer to a guest dancer, in the second half of 2013 the Waiting Room starts to explore the scene further, with Janaína and two other dancers working in a trio. In 2014, with extended time for up to 60 minutes, the work is understood as an artistic experience, leaving the format of spectacle. It is in this year that interdisciplinarity enters the room, uniting different artistic languages. Still, in 2014, the play takes Janaína Moraes to the Fringe Festival in Australia. In foreign lands, the choreographer works in the English language, resuming the solo format.


Back in Brazil, in 2016, the understanding of the transit relationship is building new glances. What once seemed a great weakness - not having a fixed cast - becomes the great force of the work: the Waiting Room shows itself as a place of passage, a space of constant transformation with each new configuration of participants.


The waiting room is a place of passage. It is a place of people who come, go, come back or stay a little longer. Know a little more of our imaginary. This inventory of images includes the looks of.

Who passed through us

1ª ed.: Camila Oliveira (2013)

2ª ed.: Dani Oliveira, Janaína Moraes e Rafaela Holanda (2013)

3ª ed.: Clara Braga, Laura Tonini, Lícia Oliveira, Vinicius Paixao, Jackson Bauer (2014)

4ª ed.: Janaína Moraes (2015)

5ª ed.: Guiga Percussão, Iasmim Kali, Laura Tonini, Maritza Mota e Raphael Balduzzi (2018) 



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