choreographic landscapes

to assist/see trees

Janaína Moraes (DF) and Fany Magalhães (MG) begin their exchanges between the structures of the Cromwell de Carvalho State Library during their artistic residency in Teresina / PI. At the time, Janaína Moraes facilitated the residency, sharing her research on choreographic invitations, with a focus on performing creations from specific sites.


Fany Magalhães together with two artists, Gabriele Trigueiro and Teodora Matos, created and developed the action "In the time of the trees", directly nourished by the looks of Fany about cartography of vanishing points, under the articulations and provocations of Janaína. From the experiment in residence and the approximation of their research, Janaína and Fany decide to proceed with their investigations in collaboration, elaborating the structure of this programme, recreated in each context in which it is inserted.

Immersed in the restlessness of the world, the artists perceive the opportunity to develop their explorations that have already begun, connecting, in addition to their own geographical places. Thus, they propose meetings, shared actions that cross everyday life with poetic sights for each landing and scaping point. By tracking the city, turning corners into flower beds, they celebrate the possibility of thinking and building collective choreographic landscapes.



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