Janaína Moraes (DF) and Ivana Motta (SP / DF) come together to think about performative ways of practicing compositions. Thus, they arrive at two main questions that mobilize the meetings of this collaborative laboratory:


# 1 How to manage the whole body intelligences to organize other ways of composing between collectivities? With the focus on reorganizing structures and energies, the proposal is to experience a space for collective exchanges around individual issues. COLLAB is a Collective Laboratory for independent artists who, immersed in the interests of others, can meet their own interests.


# 2 How to look at the creative processes in a performative way, exercising ways of understanding the creative process itself as a performance? Performation is a word invented to understand training in a state of performance: an element whose formation (giving shape) to new artistic works can be experienced as a performance.


Here you light and ignite creative sparks. Interested? Contact us to find out our agenda or hire this workshop for your group.

Target audience: any creative person who is faced with a latent creative desire.



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