In July 2018 the artist started experimenting different ways to invite people for telling memories. The dancer invites people to 'listen' to their dancing memories. With the possibility to hear, see or live this dance of remembered and reinvented memories, the work plays with the idea of autorship, collaboration, choreography and dance.

It is a durational artwork which receives audiences from one to three people at a time. So far, it has already been set in three formats: a tea table on streets, corridors and/or scenic spaces; in the audience's houses and a choregraphic installation at galleries.


To happen it has counted on the essential collaboration of other artists: Kuka Escosteguy and Júlia Godoy. Check out some images photographed by the sensitive looks of João Teofilo, Julia Godoy, Marconi Cristino and Flávio Carvalho.



Phone / WhatsApp: +64 0 27 348 6423

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